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We can clean up your kitchen after...

Residential Cleaning Services

Our residential cleaning service is offered in two distinct packages:


Client chooses one or more cleaning options that match his/her needs for a specific time but variable price.


Client selects one option that contains all cleaning aspects desired. Set price for a longer time of service. 

This service will remove grease and dust that laid in all corners of your appliances and floor. The fridge, microwave, stove, dishwasher and cabinets objects will be taken out to clean up the interior and replace them in a cleaned conditions at their initial position. 

This service option contains the wipe down of the entire interior of the site. The cleaning specialist goals is to clean up the wall and angles, frames, boards and furniture.  

This service is UNIQUE it does not match with any other service due for its complexity and time consuming. However, depending on the conditions of the windows with rust and mold, the blinds and windows will be turned as new. 

Whether your surface is made of marble, carpet, concrete, stone, tile or wood we've got you covered. We are equipped to change the greasy and dirty floor in a squeaky one.  

Scrolling while scrubbing inside of your tub is part of our expectations. We will shine your tub, counter, vanity, WC, shower glass door (if any), mirrors, medicine cabinets, shower curtain, mats and floor. We will organize everything left inside this little area.

Light bulbs, chandeliers, and fans are difficult to clean because of their high location or complexity. Just advise us to come ready if you have a high ceiling. We'll reach it out to clean. 


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